This project focuses on the Toronto Transit Commission and the current challenges they face within the design of their brand and the applications in which their design is applied.
The redesign carries an innovative and trustworthy approach, with careful consideration towards accessibility and legibility throughout. The TTC’s established sense of loyalty in those that ride paired with an induction of new technology (i.e. development of new subway lines, future plans for expansion) highlighted the primary necessity of needing to modernize the public transit system and its brand. The new design introduces a refreshed logo that stays true to the original roots, symbolizing protection and efficiency through use of a similar structure that strengthens the elements used in the wings of the rocket and crest. As a secondary, tech-driven patterns were used to reflect route maps.
Added consistency can also found in the iconography; used primarily for wayfinding and livery applications to help make navigating through Toronto easier and more efficient.

Target Audience
With transportation services being accessible to everyone, the target market is difficult to narrow down considering its wide range of users. The majority of people using it however would be post-secondary students and working professionals from aged 18-35+.
Tools Used
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

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