An Atlantic Canada celebration, with the sole purpose of creating excitement around the idea of expanding the Canadian Football League, and bring an additional team to the Maritimes;  this logo was developed to help visualize that goal, and was used as the primary mark of this years game on July 16th, 2022 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

The core elements of the logo are made up of deeply rooted, nautical elements: the trawler/fishing boat, anchor and waves all fit within the overall badge shape which was inspired from Halifax's Citadel Hill-- an iconic city and provincial landmark.
Secondary Elements

Secondary Elements consisted of the anchor, which was extracted from the primary mark to be used for apparel and other applications where less information was needed. Beyond that, step and repeat patterns were designed for the use of media backgrounds. Additionally, two brand patterns were created using both the anchor and Citadel Hill shape, to help unite all elements, and to create a bold but playful and connection-driven brand identity for all Maritimers and football fans to enjoy.

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