This theoretical brand roll-out was designed for client Garcia Palomo, to help capture his vision of a Spanish-Fusion restaurant/lounge that has a presence of live guitar music, in the Leslieville community of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Built on the foundation of the clients cultural roots, it was important to reflect that with the main elements included. Upon research I found that ‘Palomo’ translates to ‘dove’ in Spanish and the geranium, a flower found commonly in Spain - symbolizes happiness and positivity. Both were contributing factors to developing the mood and tone.
The design decisions made were based off of Graphic Designer Julius Klinger’s style and his flat illustration style. The typefaces used are large and carry a vintage aesthetic that represents Leslieville and the patterns chosen are to reflect Spanish culture, with the colours that are included within.
Target Audience
The design solution was targeted towards young adults, specifically those who enjoy playing or listening to acoustic music and families in the area, considering Geranium Lounge operates as a restaurant in the day.
Tools Used -
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

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