This project focuses on creating a musician-specific networking platform that helps artists to connect with other musicians with more ease and efficiency than ever before. Bandmate is an application that will put artists in contact with others looking for similar success; as some artists may not have ever received the opportunity to connect in-person if it weren’t for the platform bridging the gap.
Made up of a working prototype and poster series, the application offers users with an all-service hub for music-related needs that will help connect like-minded musicians throughout North America with potential for universal growth. This solution will prove to help musicians stay organized and encourage community collaboration all while providing the user essential resources that will aid them in their music-related endeavours.
Other notable app features include a space for artists’ external links, a calendar for scheduling events, music lessons, swap/trade, buy/sell, and real time notifications. The promotional six-part poster series would be found throughout each city as well as at participating venues and events, furthering the platform’s outreach and reinforcing brand recognition.
Target Audience
Young adult musicians of all genders in North American between the ages of 18-32 in the lower-middle to middle income class level.

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